Saturday, May 16, 2015

You Say

It hurts
You say it will heal
You say you love me
You think about it
How it slipped from your mouth
You examined my lies
Ripped them from my insides
Tossed them out with peels and cores
It burns
You say it will get better
You say there is nothing to fear
And soon I won’t recognize myself
You wrote about it
How it came down to bolts and wires
You told me to open my eyes
You said you are my lover
So let’s not fuck around
We bleed our existential in this full moon
It aches
You say it will stop
You say you want me
From now on you’ll protect me
From this bullshit I put myself through
You will teach me how to walk again
You will force these bones to knit
If it takes re-breaking them
I float above you for fractions
I ride the current you breathe
Nothing can enter my circle
No one can be here but you
You say you know me
You say this is a good night
To let our shields lay low
No more war, no more fray
And I believe
Every word
You say


There is a broken chime to teach us all
We push on with the strength of women
Clearing days from underneath the brush
The stars pour light on each of us
Was it wrong to ache to see your face
To turn the dark and long around
To strike at the hollow with a vengeance
I kept chanting that I would not be broken
I said I wouldn’t give in without a fight
And the colors that you painted me
Closed around me to surprise the night
There is a wilting sprout to teach us all
We tear through veils and conquer fear
Gathering waves from a patchwork sea
And you will come to swim with me
It’s not wrong to cry to hear your voice
To turn the silent judgment into song
To burn a fire set to bring down a mountain
I insisted that we would push on
I gave my heart and soul to a prayer
And all this time and space spent circling
My eyes finally open and you are still there

Mouth Open

Mouth open
Senseless and moving without mercy
One after another
We transition
Flying and crashing into walls
Inside the fold
Try to force it shut
I rip it open
Mouth open
Reason with yourself for your alibis
This is the flinch
One more hour
We pour it down
Smothered and collapsing into silence
We levitate
This is the trick
You are all mine
Mouth Open


I thought we were interactive
What else could we possibly be?
With these videos and images
Things moving, sounds happening
Life charging in around us and
Distracting us from what we want
You caught something sentimental
Fished it out of the gutter for me
Love washed us and put us to bed
But I was still hungry
I always feel so hungry
You’re afraid to eat anything
I’m walking now, foot and leg
My bones aren’t breaking
Silence the nay-sayers just a while
Come up to the roof and watch stars with me
Be something more than the waste
Be otherworldly and meaningful
Yes, I understand, on with the show
I have lived here and someone should know
If we can’t create our own people
Then what?
If the seeds won’t take root for us
Then what?
We’ll be pioneers for some new thing
We’ll bridge gaps and cross horizons
To get to the point
To find the heart of the matter
But if I find I can’t move self anymore
You’ll have to move for both you and me
I thought we were interactive
What else could we possibly be?


Dead ants are dotting the floors, making me gag and flinch
The clock on the wall has been stuck on 3:36 for three days
I don’t want to move from this spot and I will defy gravity
Light, dark, light again and I will not obey these demands
I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue, I’ll run with scissors
Futility is a cruel and heartless beast and in its clutches I’m bleeding
The wind is lashing at the screens and the birds have fallen silent
I’m waiting for a storm to come unleash the mad Queen
The shadow of the heartless wraith lingering in empty sets
A man who ate my flesh and drank my blood
And dabbed his mouth with an elegant napkin
Before boarding a plane and whisking away
I’m waiting for retribution from the trailing, black-eyed wolves
The payback for what has fallen through the ice
A moment of darkness where the glint from an eye
Can shatter time
I have only dead ants and broken clocks this night
And this motionless creature with stubborn intent
Being cradled by her own Futility 

Fish for Dinner

It’s no coincidence that the things you gave your life to
Are lying on the ground before you
Irreparably broken
What made you turn your head and look the way of the paths
Untaken and the roads you
Left forsaken
Her eyes were fixed on the knife as the hand which wielded it
Brought flourish to the act
Of skinning a cold dead fish
Were these the moments of definition for someone searching for signs
Always needing an escape hatch
A window to fly through
The flowers hanging down in front of the panes from the vines
Wrapped in the eaves
Offered a beautiful and delicate reprieve from the blood and guts
Camouflage for her mental state and the silent screaming she
Was used to
Cold for so long in the frost-bitten arc of a mummified past
And nothing would take the fear from her heart
Bring the peace of knowing he regards her as something valued
Bring the world to its knees with the crushing blow of simple truth
Tonight he will pry open her bleeding heart and search for clues
Tonight the sky is clear and voices resonate with pleasant tones
Fish for dinner, music for the memories
And a window to fly through